Frequently other"fitness professionals" will give ludicrous fitness or nutrition advice with a good-ole "It's easy!  All you have to do is..."  Those are words of a psychopath or someone who is trying to steal you money.  Training takes conscious planning, time, energy,  and consistent effort. My job is to help ease this burden.

Training to obtain real results IS NOT EASY.  Previous clients have wanted to lose 50lbs, look sexy in a bathing suit, increase their squat, learn to swim or run correctly, or improve sport biomechanics.  Such things are not achieved with laziness, stupidity, or over sensitivity.  My job is to teach you the big psychological, physiological, and philosophical concepts of what this takes to active such goals.

Below are just a small amount of recent transformations I have had within the last few years. These people have earned their success. My job is to add more faces to my wall.