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About Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker is a professional personal trainer with extensive experience in corrective biomechanics, body transformation, and performance enhancement.


Experience:+12 years of professional training, B.S. in Exercise Science, M.S. in Kinesiology, professional  publication in peer reviewed academic journals, numerous certifications: USA Sports Performance Coach, USA Advanced Sports Performance Coach, ACSM-CPT, NASM-PES, FMS-Level 1, NASE- Level 2, CrossFit-Level 1.


TEACHINGs: Cameron currently resides in Newtown Square, PA and has proven to be an extraordinary personal trainer with primary teachings of functional movement, corrective body mechanics to ease joint pain, serious mobility & flexibility practices, enhancement of athletic performance in all sports, and accelerated body transformations. If Cameron does his job right (which he will!) you wont need him as your trainer forever. He wants to teach you the concepts of fitness and wellness so that you can apply them and be healthy for the rest of your life!


Locations: Training at various country clubs in the Villa Nova area, strength and conditioning for PSU Brandywine baseball team in Media, and one-on-one personal training throughout Delaware County. Cameron stays busy.



Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce joint pain,

add acceleration to your golf swing, or simply learn to workout- developing functional weightlifting technique is Cameron's top priority and number one focus while training clients.

When not training clients Cameron is having adventures by traveling, practicing Olympic Weightlifting, hiking swimming, snowboarding, anything outdoors, reading, or playing with dogs.

Cameron's ultimate goal is to teach people the joys associated with wellness and fitness.  The American lifestyle is filled with temptations, laziness, and dysfunctional movement which can lead to a life of pain.  To fix the body we must fix the brain.

Call, text, or email to ask any questions!

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Experienced TRAINING IN THE FOLLOWING movement skills & sports:

  • Olympic weightlifting

  • Soccer

  • Snowboarding

  • Climbing

  • Swimming

  • CrossFit

  • ​Rowing

  • Mobility, flexibility, myofacial release

  • Jumping performance 

  • Throwing performance

  • Forefoot running

  • Looking cool without a shirt

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