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Functional Fitness

The definition of functional fitness is analogous with the term survival- "the act of living/continuing longer than another person." Functional fitness is the ability to complete any and all physical or mental tasks- climbing up and down the stairs, running 400m with a 45lb weight, climbing a tree, picking up a grandkid, etc. Everyone starts at a different place and a beautiful physique is a biproduct of pursuing functional fitness.


In more specific terms, functional fitness is a combination of:

  1. Squatting: bending at the hips and knees with correct alignment and lowering hips to ground (ie. athletic position or Goblet Squat)

  2. Deadlifting: hinging at the hips with a stable core and dropping and rising with weight (ie. picking-up child or Kettlebell swing)

  3. Overhead pressing: pressing overhead while sitting, standing, or kneeling (ie. cleaning high window or Dumbbell overhead press)

  4. Pulling-down: pulling your body up to or over something (ie. escaping a velociraptor or pull-up)

  5. Pushing: the ability to lift/push your body off the ground in prone position (ie. lying on the ground to standing or push-up)

  6. Pulling: the ability to safely and efficiently pull weight in multiple positions (ie. opening a door or rowing)

  7. Core: the ability to maintain a stable core under stress and move correctly using it (ie. a plank or golf swing)

An Architect designs buildings.

An Anatomist studies the human body.

An Anatomical Architect designs the body to look good, move good, feel good.


Running Technique, Soccer,  Agility


Injury Prevention and Movement Correction


Muscle Hypertrophy and Powerlifting

olympic weightlifting

Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Squat, Deadlift, Press



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